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What´s in it for me?

Improved use of networks

International cooperation not only makes your networks better, frequent activities will also improve the use of them. The international competence amongst the participants grows and the opportunities to get involved in new beneficial networks increases. With access to such networks a local authority will be better equipped to solve future challenges.

Increased opportunities for external funding

Being an active part in international cooperation will make it easier for you to meet the increasing transnational demands in EU funding applications. With documented knowledge and established networks you will become well known on the international scene and this will increase your status as a potential project partner.

Improved cost effectiveness

International cooperation can improve cost-effectiveness. By making it a habit to bring in wider perspectives to your daily work you will become more experienced and able to make the right decisions on an earlier stage. This will improve your development processes, and in the long run, your cost effectiveness.

Increased organisational strength

By making International cooperation a natural part of your daily work it will soon be part of the whole organisation. The knowledge on how to benefit from international cooperation is then spread to the municipal departments and not just available to the employees working with international matters. This makes your organisation less vulnerable when it comes to changes of staff.

Increased status as an employer

Offering international contacts and activities on an international level will make you a more attractive employer. An international focus indicates that your organisation is a stimulating place to work in, open for new influences and new ideas, and it will attract people with high competence to come and work for you.