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About InterLoc

We live in a globalised world, where everyone experiences the increased demands coming from international competition on trade and labour market and international regulations. The globalised world does not only represent demands, it also provides opportunities and potentials for development. We need to make the most of these opportunities through communication and cooperation with our neighbouring countries.

The project

For many small and medium sized local authorities it can be an overwhelming step to start international cooperation. Often many barriers exist even within the organisations. The InterLoc project involves seven partners within the South Baltic region. The partners have gathered their knowledge and experiences of international collaboration on this website in order to supply other small and medium sized municipalities with tools and good advice for cross border exchange and cooperation.

The overall idea of the project has been to develop a new way for local authorities to integrate an international dimension into their work. The ambition is to involve many civil servants from the thematic units in the international cooperation, and not only the international coordinator. Hence it is important that the benefits of international collaboration are more widely spread, and the knowledge is being implemented more effectively into the daily work in the municipalities.

The seven InterLoc partners are from Denmark, Poland and Sweden. All partners represent small or medium sized local authorities outside metropolitan areas.