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Be aware of institutional differences

Remember, that each country and organisation has its own rules. Municipalities operate differently in different countries and can sometimes have different tasks and obligations. Ways of doing things can also differ depending on which country it is. The reasons can often be referred to legislation, cultural differences and the unwritten rules in organisations and working methods.

Be aware of differences in national and European legislations

Keep in mind, that apart from EU legislation, each country and municipality is obliged to operate by national regulations and internal procedures, which are often more detailed. National legislation is adjusted to EU regulations, but it is always good to remember there might be differences.

Be aware of autonomy and private agendas

When working in a project most participants still have other tasks to carry out in their everyday job. Respect for the other participant’s plans and agendas make your cooperation more efficient and friendly. Be clear when you arrange tasks and ask for confirmation.

Be aware of language problems

Understanding is a key to success. Have in mind, that not everyone has good language skills. Communicating in a foreign language can be a serious barrier regarding international work. Even though you know English well, consider involving a professional interpreter during meetings or study visits as thematic vocabulary can be a problem.

Be aware of cultural differences

Even in contacts between neighboring countries misconceptions and irritations can sometimes arise, caused by minor cultural differences. It is important to be alert and aware of this, and to believe in the positive intentions of each other. Talking openly about differences is always better than to let misconceptions lead to serious problems.