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Do study visits

Study visits are an easy way of getting involved in international cooperation and often one of the first steps. Study tours are a flexible tool, and can include citizens, municipal politicians as well as municipal employees.

How to and why

Before conducting a study visit it is important to develop concrete objectives for the tour and clearly define what is to be achieved. This is important for deciding on the destinations, the program and selection of participants. The formulation of study visit objectives is also necessary for the following evaluation: a study visit requires a written report focusing on acquired competence and plans for future cooperation.

Study visits are normally between 1 – 7 days long and can have different objectives and aims. For example: to provide the participants with ideas and inspiration to start new activity areas, or further develop already existing working ones. The objective of a study visit can also be to provide technical data and knowledge to further develop an activity area.

It could also be to provide better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of your own institution and to find new networks. Study visits can also develop a stronger interest in a specific area or project among the participating employees and politicians.

Always have in mind that participation in events on a foreign language requires a certain level of language skills with knowledge on technical terms and expressions. Consider to use interpreters.