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Initiate dialogue – networking

Networking is essential for internationalisation. You need a network to find partners for international projects. You need a network to build international relations. You need a network to be able to learn new methods for improving municipal services. Networking is everything. All people have networks, private and professional. So how do we build professional international networks?

Why and how to

In some regions there are networks for international coordinators facilitated by the regional EU office. If you do not have access to this kind of established network, it could be a good idea to create this kind of network on your own. Find colleagues from your professional field in the surrounding municipalities and invite them to a network online or in real life.

Furthermore there may be a large network with international contacts within your own municipality. Contact your colleagues and collect data on their professional international relations. Consider to make strategic partnerships with the organisations you already are, or have been, involved in projects with, and be committed to stay in touch to develop new projects or simply exchange knowledge.

If you make your projects or international relations grow into strategic partnerships be clear about your interests and limitations. Having the same expectations is the key factor to a good partnership and a solid project.