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Make an international strategy

An international strategy is a document that describes how an organisation intends to work with internationalisation. The reason for making a strategy is to ensure that the municipality´s international work follows the principles decided by the politicians. The strategy sets the framework and creates the legitimacy for employees to do international work. Make sure there are clear connections with the operational level.

Why and how to

The aim should be to see international work as a general tool for developing the municipality. Essential questions to answer in an international strategy are: What is the objective of internationalisation? How do we reach our goal? Which focus has been chosen for the strategy and why? How do we organise work and activities? What are our success criteria? Is our purpose in line with the vision and strategic goals of the municipality?

There are different approaches when developing strategies for international work in municipalities. The reasons and motivations for these strategies also vary to a large extent. It is most common that the strategy focuses on knowledge exchange between municipalities. An international strategy can also give directions on how to fund projects through the EU funds and point to certain geographic areas of special interest etc.

Which goals a municipality defines for internationalisation is closely connected to the question: Why go international?