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Try online seminars

Online seminars are a valuable tool for your international cooperation. You probably already know about online meetings where two or more individuals participate using their own computers. However, online seminars connect two or more groups of people. Online seminars are not used instead of traditional seminars and study tours, it is a supplement that allows additional cooperation with close and regular contact.

Why and how to

Online seminars requires:

Technical equipment
A meeting room equipped with a computer connected to the Internet, loudspeakers, a microphone placed so that all participants may talk into it, a camera facing the participants, a projector that will display the meeting partners on a screen. Secure similar technical level between participators.

A high quality Internet connection, i.e. reliable and fast Internet, is needed for all partners. A dedicated software programme for online seminars should be selected as a joint decision amongst the cooperation partners.

Pedagogical issues
Online seminars need a clear leadership. They also need to follow a detailed agenda in order to develop the feeling of a joint meeting and to keep the focus for all participating groups. It requires training to do successful online seminars.

Using online seminars saves travel time and costs, a two hour meeting only take two hours. Online seminars are particularly useful for groups of people that already know each other, for discussing specific issues of common interest.

Communicating online also requires a certain level of language skills. It can be wise to include a budget for interpretation.