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Why go international?

Development of skills

By going international the employee will develop skills and competence on several levels: the professional level (knowledge on methods), the cultural level (a wider understanding of different ways of acting and the reasons to do so), and the international level (knowledge on how to use international contacts).

Explore and get new solutions

By going international the ordinary way of solving problems is challenged. By exploring new perspectives civil servants will be forced to reflect over their own practices. Through this development of existing methods, or creation of new ones, will be promoted.

Municipal services can improve

By going international, being open to new perspectives and acknowledging the benefits of international cooperation, a local authority can find new ways to improve the quality of its services. International cooperation can become a tool amongst others for developing the organisation in the desired direction.

Contribute to global improvement

By going international you can actually contribute to making the world a better place. Many of the societal challenges we face in the municipalities are global and local actions are not enough. When we cooperate we can find new solutions to joint challenges on a local and regional level as well as on a global one. The more we get to know and understand each other, the closer we get to a permanent peaceful coexistence across borders.